Eritrean refugees in Sudan – held ransom

By Martin Plaut It could have been a tragedy: six Eritreans were arrested by the Sudanese police and threatened with deportation back to Eritrea (or what is termed ‘refoulment’ by the United Nations refugee agency.) The six were in a dire condition, having only just managed to escape from people traffickers. The two women and […]

SIHANET Update on Wau State

SIHA wishes to provide an update on the current situation in Wau State, which has in the past months experienced continuous outbreaks of violence and unrest. What is likely to have started as a local protest is increasingly becoming a mobilization of greater significance, with militia groups conducting larger operations. The Government has countered these[…..]

SIHA Uganda: Opening the Black Box

Militant ideologies of Islam, have left Muslim communities in despair, of frequently being linked to attacks and being discriminated for their faith and appearance. Youth, being at a critical stage in their development process, therefore present a certain vulnerability to both being drawn into militant movements, and of experiencing a deep sense of marginalization and[…..]