Follow – Up on the killing of Hindia Haji Mohammed

On December 3rd Hindia Haji Mohamed a mother of 5 children, who worked as journalist for a state-run radio station and TV channel in Mogadishu has lost her life, after bomb which was planted underneath the seat of her car, exploded. Hindia was the widow of a former journalist who also died in 2012 restaurant[…..]

Constitutional Appeal in the case of Mariam Yahya

SIHA has submitted on 23/12/2015, in line with the Constitutional Court Act from 2005, an appeal to the Constitutional Court in Sudan in the case of Abrar Alhadi (aka Mariam Yahya). The appeal was drafted based on consultations carried out by SIHA and Mariam Yahya’s legal defense team, as well as a number of activists[…..]

SIHA NETWORK: The struggle for justice and equality

KAMPALA, 4th-10th April: The surge of political and militant interpretations of Islam in the Eastern and Horn of Africa has had major implications on the lives of populations and communities across the region. Muslims in the Horn and Eastern Africa are caught between being victims of the irrationality of militant interpretations and political Islam, misperceptions[…..]