The informal economy is a glaring indicator of the absence of its worth from the eyes of policy-makers. World over, women are over-represented in the informal economy, and in-so-doing has remained an urban phenomenon in both developed and developing economies. From New York in USA to Dhaka in Bangladesh to Harare in Zimbabwe, women carry[…..]

Gender Alert: Uganda, Tanzania shine at the Gender Justice Uncovered Awards

A Ugandan High Court decision won the People’s Choice Gavel at the 2017 Gender Justice Uncovered Awards hosted by Women’s Link Worldwide.  In 2012, a woman gave birth to two babies at Mulago Hospital, Uganda’s only referral hospital and was informed that one of the babies had died at birth. When asked to see the body, the hospital[…..]

Uganda: No budget for sanitary pads for school going girls

Girl’s supported by SIHA in their education through SIHA’s scholarship initiative New Vision Uganda, a local daily newspaper reported in 2013 that 30% of Ugandan girls drop out of school due to their menstrual cycle. Some Ugandan girls reported that they feel discomfort during their cycle; others claimed that they are teased and bullied due[…..]