CRIMINALISATION OF WOMEN IN SUDAN: A need for Fundamental Reform

Th frequent arrests, detention, trial, and punishment of women under Sudan’s public order regime ostensibly designed to protect morality are key features of the criminal justice system. Th public order laws incorporate strict moral codes designed to exclude and intimidate women from actively participating in public life, for instance by[.....]

The Invisible Labourers’: Women in the Informal Sector

Invisible labourers was a four-year long project implemented by SIHA which targeted women working in the informal sector in Sudan i.e. tea and food sellers, domestic workers, petty traders and handicraft makers. The project trained hundreds of women on organizing themselves in cooperative so they can better advocate for their[.....]

Negotiating Patriarchy: Men as Allies against Violence against Women

This newly released SIHA publication was developed primarily as a guide for social activists involved in challenging gender inequality in the Horn of Africa. This 36-paged guide promotes connecting with men as an essential approach towards addressing violence against women and emphasizes the importance of their involvement. It delves into[.....]

A Report to the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea

This report provides narratives, gathered during formal and informal conversations and focus group discussions with Eritrean men and women who recently fled the country. It presents testimonies of mass migration of Eritreans through illegal and often undocumented channels, of Eritrea’s heavy-handed crack down on human rights work and civil society,[.....]