The Invisible Laborers of Kampala

The Invisible Labourers of Kampala speaks to the plight of women in the informal sector of Kampala, following the stories of Florence, Gloria, and Consolata forging a livelihood as women street vendors in the city, confronted by the city authority’s duty to modernize Kampala. Uganda’s labor force participation is among[…..]

The Invisible Laborers of Kampala

This paper is the outcome of sequential efforts that were carried out by the SIHA Network across the Horn of Africa region, in a bid to address the situation of the mass population of women street vendors occupying the pavements of capital cities and smaller informal markets across the region.[.....]

Women do not belong under the Acacia tree

The purpose of this report is to discuss Somali society’s current trend towards urbanization and urban migration. This shift has had a massive impact, both negatively and positively, on women and gender relations within this society. The report will focus specifically on women street vendors in the semi-independent territory of[.....]

A grim portrait of sexual violence in conflict zones in the Horn of Africa – Sudan, South Sudan and Somalia

The Horn of Africa has for decades struggled with chronic occurrences of civil conflict, fragile state structures and tribal and ethnic affiliation is opposed to states’ modern obligations. The situation for women and girls in the Horn of Africa continues to be characterized by systematic victimization, subordination and their unfortunate[.....]