CRIMINALISATION OF WOMEN IN SUDAN: A need for Fundamental Reform

Th frequent arrests, detention, trial, and punishment of women under Sudan’s public order regime ostensibly designed to protect morality are key features of the criminal [...]

Negotiating Patriarchy: Men as Allies against Violence against Women

This newly released SIHA publication was developed primarily as a guide for social activists involved in challenging gender inequality in the Horn of Africa. This[.....]

Reinforcing Community Activism and Intergenerational Bridges Womens Rights and Equality – Sudan

Four papers explore the gap between the women’s movement as a relevant political and social force empowering women to claim their rights, and its work[.....]

Conflict Transformation and Social Peace in Post Conflict Era

Developed with local groups from the Blue Nile, White Nile, Red Sea and Bahr El Ghazal regions in the two Sudans, the manual draws from[.....]

Falling through the cracks

An extensive, participatory field research undertaken with activists, grass-roots leaders, and elites, comprising interviews and community consultations, Falling Through the Cracks addresses traditions, practices and views related[.....]

Beyond Trousers

Mapping the experiences of women with the application of the public order laws, police and courts in Sudan, Beyond Trousers reveals the public order regime to promote[.....]