The Invisible Laborers of Kampala

This paper is the outcome of sequential efforts that were carried out by the SIHA Network across the Horn of Africa region, in a bid [...]

Women do not belong under the Acacia tree

The purpose of this report is to discuss Somali society’s current trend towards urbanization and urban migration. This shift has had a massive impact, both[.....]

A grim portrait of sexual violence in conflict zones in the Horn of Africa – Sudan, South Sudan and Somalia

The Horn of Africa has for decades struggled with chronic occurrences of civil conflict, fragile state structures and tribal and ethnic affiliation is opposed to[.....]

Criminalisation of women in Sudan: A need for Fundamental Reform

Th frequent arrests, detention, trial, and punishment of women under Sudan’s public order regime ostensibly designed to protect morality are key features of the criminal[.....]

Negotiating Patriarchy: Men as Allies against Violence against Women

This newly released SIHA publication was developed primarily as a guide for social activists involved in challenging gender inequality in the Horn of Africa. This[.....]

A Report to the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea

This report provides narratives, gathered during formal and informal conversations and focus group discussions with Eritrean men and women who recently fled the country. It[.....]