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Second Edition of SIHA's Journal "Women in Islam" is now available...

The second Editional of the SIHA Journal "Women in Islam" is now available on, and - alternatively contact SIHA Network via and secure yourself a copy. 

The SIHA Journal  is an annual publication that is available in both English and Arabic versions in bookshops throughout East Africa.

“Women in Islam,” focuses on selected countries in the Horn of Africa which are most affected by the recent surge of militant and restrictive interpretations of the Islamic religion, leading to an invigorated and further entrenched environment of female subjugation. “Women in Islam” is about disseminating alternative discourses of Islamic interpretation on women and human rights and doing so through an accessible medium which will appeal to a broad audience of women and men. The journal maintains a balance between education and humour and contains carefully selected original contributions and essays, book reviews, short stories, art, scholarly reflection, and interviews. It will specifically touch on women’s rights in Islam, the veil, marriage and divorce, adultery, women’s political participation, and women’s status in society. The thoughts and research presented in the journal are generated from credible Islamic scholars and writers both from the Horn of Africa and across the globe. 

The Journal will be launched during different events in the beginning of March in Nairobi. You can contact SIHA Network through to get updates on the events.  Download preview here