Challenging Violence Against Women And Girls

SIHA continues to advocate for the end of systematic use of rape as a weapon of war and an end to sexual exploitation and abuse by militarized forces in conflict and post-conflict situations in Sudan, Somalia, and South Sudan. SIHA intends to continue its work on addressing the spread of sexual violence crimes throughout the Horn, and to challenge cultures of silence and impunity. SIHA will also address all forms of domestic violence – encouraging its members to acknowledge and address this under-recognized form of violence. SIHA will continue to utilize its successful approaches to changing gender inequitable attitudes among both men and women, particularly through work with youth and on changing entrenched religious and cultural beliefs. SIHA will combat sexual harassment in public space, which it sees as a protest against women’s freedom of movement, as well as in the workplace, schools, and universities. SIHA will also address sexual and reproductive health rights laws and services to address Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG).

SIHA will build capacity institutions and work with professionals to provide medical, legal, psychosocial, and other support to survivors and to build networks of supportive communities. SIHA is aiming to build sustainable support amongst survivors themselves, such as through the creation and expansion of VAWG survivor associations. Continue reading Walking through a Forest of Thorns and Guides on Community Activism in Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somaliland, The Other War- Gangrape in Somaliland for a detailed insight on SIHA’s efforts to fight violence against women and girls in the Horn of Africa.

Other Strategic Areas