Combating Trafficking in Women & Girls in the Horn

Trafficking of women, as observed by SIHA’s research has strong links to women’s subordination and vulnerabilities. There is a need for more exploration into its causes and contributing factors, as well as to elevate the experiences of women and girls who have been trafficked. SIHA has assessed that trafficking channels are complex and consist of hidden networks affiliated with local communities, government, law enforcement, and border patrol. Hence, SIHA will focus on preventing trafficking by advocating for laws that punish traffickers, by pushing for border protection along known trafficking routes, and by improving the social and economic conditions of women in their local areas and creating more awareness. SIHA will advocate for protection of migrant workers abroad and push for strict monitoring of women and girls who work abroad by their sponsors. SIHA will raise awareness amongst women who work in domestic labor about their human rights, including the right to work free from all forms of exploitation.

SIHA’s advocacy efforts will continue to target regional blocs like IGAD and will rely on media to raise awareness of the complexities of trafficking in the Horn. Testimonies from trafficking survivors will be essential for informing these advocacy efforts. SIHA will also continue its work on rights for migrant communities, such as, the Ethiopian community in Somaliland whose rights are entirely unrecognized by the Somaliland government. SIHA will enhance past programming which focused on providing support and services to victims of trafficking and returnees. SIHA will support survivors of trafficking in order to facilitate their recovery from trauma and reintegration into their communities of origin when possible. SIHA’s publication Letters from Eritrea tells the harsh stories and insights into the plight of women victims of human trafficking moving from Eritrea and Sudan to the Middle East via the Sinai Peninsula.

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