Empowering Women Economically

Over the years, SIHA has developed deep and unique expertise in supporting women in the informal sector across its network. As in the past, SIHA will continue supporting these women, these invisible laborers, to know and claim their rights. SIHA will use its position as an international actor to advocate for safety and protection of women working in these sectors, including street vendors, petty traders, domestic workers, and alcohol brewers. SIHA will focus on women IDPs coming from rural areas, refugees, minority groups, and others on the margins of society particularly vulnerable to economic exploitation. SIHA will use research to emphasize the contribution of women in the informal sector to overall national economies.

In addition, SIHA will target its economic empowerment more specifically to bring women out of the margins of employment. SIHA will do this through skills building (marketable skills including and beyond the informal sector, literacy skills) in combination with raising awareness of economic, social, and cultural rights. SIHA will look to break gender stereotypes in employment so that women have the right to access the same variety of employment options that are available to men, and to equal pay for equal work. Moreover, SIHA will do this through supporting opportunities for collective action through women’s cooperatives, unions, and associations. SIHA’s publications such as Bread for Breadwinners introduces the basics of small-scale business, case studies and planning methods and accessible tools for the formation of cooperatives and training of women, and demonstrates our understanding of the role of women in driving household income generation given the proper tools to succeed in small-scale businesses.

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