SIHA is proud to announce the release of the third issue of its annual journal, Women in Islam. Similar to previous issues, this volume explores the complexities of gender relations in Muslim communities and engages critically with the conflicting perceptions of Islam in relations to women’s human rights and equality. It reflects on the challenges and realities lived by Muslims in Muslim societies and in their interactions with other communities across the globe.

The third issue of Women in Islam addresses a wide range of topics including polygamy, inheritance, dress codes, sexual violence, inter-religion relations, etc. The dossier, in particular, scrutinizes the issue of women’s participation in militant Islam movements by analyzing how and why women sometimes reconcile with ideological regimes that subjugate them.

This volume is composed of a majority of original articles. More than 40 academics, journalists, activists and artists, originated mainly from the Horn of Africa, have contributed to bringing a unique expertise and voice to the journal. Gathering an eclectic selection of essays, opinions pieces, interviews, personal narratives, punctuated with poetry and art, the journal strives to appeal to a broad audience of readers and seeks to spark forward-looking discussions on how to improve the status of women in Islam.

For more information about the journal, please consult our blog and Facebook page. Women in Islam is available in English and Arabic throughout East Africa and online. To get your copy, kindly contact us at: