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Witness Somalia

Witness Somalia (WS) is a non-government and non-political legally-registered organization established by dedicated group of human right defenders and social workers in January 2015 in Mogadishu Somalia with the mandate of monitoring, documenting and presenting all sorts of human rights violations/abuses that are taking place within the country to its concerned partners and to international community in wider perspective. WS call for remedial action; both at a governmental and grass roots level and demand those behind such violations to be held accountable.

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Northern Frontier
Youth League (NFYL) 

NoFYL was founded in 2005 as a welfare society by local Somali pastoral youth and women who were committed to improving the living standards and the level of decision making of their fellow pastoral Youth and women. It forms the basis for youth networking with other civil society organisation both at the Local and international level to create a resource centre and a forum for discussion; exchange ideas on problems affecting the youth community.

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National Coalition for Human Rights Defenders

The NCHRD-S was founded in 2015 with the support of both DefendDefenders and other national coalitions to provide a strong platform to protect HRDs and advocate on their behalf.

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Somali Institute for Research & Development (SIDRA Institute)

Somali Institute for Development Research and Analysis (SIDRA) is a private, not-for- profit research and policy analysis think tank whose primary mission is to provide quality research and development services to the public and private entities in Somalia in order to contribute to the attainment of the development priorities of the country.

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Somali Women and Childcare Association (SWCCA) 

Somali Women and Childcare Association (SWCCA) is local organisation supporting Somali women, children and Youth. SWCCA is a non-profit, humanitarian organisation. It was founded in April 2012 in Mogadishu.


Somali Disability Empowerment Network

Somali Disability Empowerment Network (SODEN) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded 2011 that assists the people with disability to build better lives through social integration, Human rights advocacy, skill development, and useful representation in all aspects of life.

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Somali and Women Lawyers Association

The organization’s mission is to promote, empower, advocate for women, children and other marginalized groups’ issues through capacity building and training programs, provision of legal assistance i.e. counseling, legal aid and representation, interpretation, translation and to increase the number of women involvement in legal and justice administration.

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Peace & Human Rights Network (PHRN) Peace and Human Rights Network, a network of 27 member organizations based in Mogadishu, Somalia and with sub-offices in Puntland and southwest regions. PHRN focuses on promotion and advocacy for peace and Human rights.
Iniskoy for Peace and Development Organization (IPDO)

Iniskoy for Peace and Development Organization -IPDO- was established 2000 by intellectuals from the regions of Bay, Bokol, Gedo, Lower/Middle Shabelle and Benadir Regions. Iniskoy for Peace and Development Organization (IPDO) works out for the development and improvement of the livelihood of the society that was severely affected by recurrent civil wars, killings, and droughts facing the country due to the semi-usual failure of raining seasons as well as limited opportunities of working, learning, access to healthcare and sanitation.

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Community Organization for Relief and Development (CORD)

Community Organization for Relief and Development (CORD) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that was founded in 1994 by a Somali intellectuals at the then war torn capital Mogadishu. The Organization was born out of need to assist needy people in Mogadishu who were suffering from unimaginable difficulties caused by the civil war at the time. CORD has over the years contributed to the relief and development of Somali people in almost every corner in the country.

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NAGAAD Network

NAGAAD Network was founded in 1997 to advocate for women and children’s empowerment and to work towards achieving an egalitarian society where women, children and men are equally significant. Currently, NAGAAD is consisting representation of 46 women’s organisations across the country. It was formed to serve as an organised, collective voice of women who were determined to fight for their socio-economic and political rights as equal citizens of Somaliland.

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Women Action for Advocacy & Progress Organization (WAAPO)

WAAPO has been working in Somaliland since 1997 when its first office opened in Hargeisa, Somaliland. WAAPO strategically aims to improve the protective environment prevention and response for women and children. And it has been actively working in the field of Human right, Women and Gender, Child Protection, Youth empowerment, Livelihood development, Education, and Shelter service.

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Somaliland Women Lawyers Association (SWLA)

The Somaliland Women Lawyers Association (SWLA) is a nonprofit making nongovernmental organization, working in Hargeisa. It helps women lawyers to offer each other mutual support and harness their professional skills.

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Tisqaad Environment Network

Tisqaad Environment Network was founded in 2001 with the objective of encouraging the environmental politics and protection of natural resources, with a special focus on land degradation, loss of biodiversity and water scarcity. Among Tisqaad activities include finding alternative power sources and encouraging their use among members, collaborations with key decision makers like the Hargeisa Municipality in their sanitation programs and campaigns to raise the communities’ awareness on sanitation.

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Heegan Human Rights Network

Heegan Human Rights Network was founded in 2002 to advocate for human rights with special emphasis on women and children’s rights, document and follow up human rights violations, advocate against the suppression of women and minority groups in Somaliland especially against female genital mutilation (FGM). The main objective of the network is to promote and protect the rights of women in all aspects socially, economically, politically and psychologically.


Somaliland Women’s Research and Action Group (SOWRAG)

SOWRAG is a women’s organisation located in Hargeisa, Somaliland which carries out research for the promotion of women’s rights socially, politically and economically.


Women’s Action for Advocacy (WADA)

WADA was established in Somaliland in 1994. Since then, its main focus is towards education and income generation initiatives for the women as well as advocacy for their rights.


Women Human Rights Environment and Education Association (WHEEA)

WHEEA is local women organization based in Somaliland, WHEEA’s goals involve women empowerment activities including fighting against violence against women, women political participation and women economy empowerment.


Voices of Somaliland Minority Women Organization (VOSOMWO)

Voices of Somaliland Minority Women Organization (VOSOMWO) works to promote the political participation of women from minority communities in local councils, parliaments and among government officials. The organisation supports grassroot initiatives promoting minorities’ rights and their active participation in democracy in Somaliland through mobilisation, human rights and civic training sessions, awareness raising campaigns and community empowerment.


Network against FGM/C In Somaliland (NAFIS NETWORK)

Network against FGM/C in Somaliland is a nationwide coalition against Female Genital Mutilation or cutting whose main aim is to combat all forms of FGM/C in Somaliland through coordination and networking, policy framework, research and documentation, capacity building for they key stakeholders and media awareness. NAFIS’ main focus areas include; FGM, Reproductive Rights and Self help groups or women and girls across Somaliland.

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Babiker Badri Scientific Association for Women’s Studies (BBSAWS)

Location of work: Khartoum, Darfur, Gedarif, North Kordofan and White Nile state


BBSAWS is a voluntary, non-political, non-profit, non-governmental organisation located inside Ahfad University in Omdurman, Sudan and is dedicated to enhancing women’s status and is striving to achieve equality, empowerment, development and the full realization of their human capacity. Their work is in the areas of reproductive health, peace and development, good governance and human rights, women’s social and economic empowerment and educational programs.

Sudan Organization for Research and Development (SORD)

Locations of work: Khartoum, Kassala, Al-Jazeera, Gedarif, White Nile state


SORD is a Sudanese non-governmental organisation which aims at contributing to the struggle to achieve gender equality, justice and democracy and support efforts to spread awareness of citizen’s rights and responsibilities. SORD works in the areas of the personal status law (legal aid provision), women’s development, micro-finance and livelihoods development, food security, education (literacy classes), good governance

Sudan Development Association (SDA)
Locations of work: Khartoum

Sudan Development Association is a national non-governmental association based in Khartoum, Sudan. It was established to assist poor communities in their efforts of promoting the advancement of women and exploring opportunities to stimulate growth with equity.

Afkar Organization for Development and Research

Locations of work: Khartoum, White Nile, River Nile, Al-Jazeera, Northern Kordofan and Kassala.

Akfar is a national non-government organization based in Khartoum. It empowers women with disabilities for self-sustainability and development. Their areas of work are disability rights and human development/ governance

Sudan Popular Committee for Relief and Rehabilitation (SPCR)

Locations of work: South Darfur


SPCR is located in Khartoum and specifically works with the youth and women to improve their living standards by providing educational trainings on gender based violence and reproductive health. SPCR also works in Darfur and South Sudan.

Um-Doreen Women’s Development and Childcare Association

Locations of work: Khartoum, Southern Kordofan

Um-Doreen is a community-based organization working out of Banat, Omdurman. It specifically works with marginalized communities from the Nuba Mountains. Their areas of work in awareness of women, reproductive health, educational programs for children and working with women in prisons

Diar Association for reconstruction and development

Locations of work: Mayo

Diar Association is based in Mayo and they work in the areas of women’s capacity-building, child and youth education, health and reproductive awareness

Shamaa Organization

Location of work: Blue Nile, Al-Jazeera, Gedarif and White Nile state

A Khartoum-based organization working with children without parents (born out of wedlock) and women and children who are victims of violence.

Areas of work: abandoned children, single mothers, sexual violence

Jedia organization for Motherhood and Childhood

Location of work: Mayo Mandela, Khartoum

Jedia is a community-based organization working in Mayo, South Khartoum. It focuses its work on community awareness, literacy classes and child education, FGM, SGBV and reproductive health

Sudanese Environmental Conservation Association

Location of work: Khartoum, North Kordofan, Gedarif, South Kordofan, Northern state, Red Sea, Kasssala, Blue Nile, South, North and West Darfur , White Nile, Sennar and Al-Jazeera state.


Sudanese Environmental Conservation Association is one of the first non-governmental organisation’s in Sudan, it was started in 1975 and works in all Sudan’s states to achieve sustainable development through projects on environmental conservation. Their areas of work are: community environmental governance, natural resource management, environmental conservation, sustainable development and livelihoods, ecologically sound peace management, water management.

Al-Elfa Charity Association

Location of work: Omdurman, Khartoum state in Jabarona IDP camp and in Wad Al-Bashir.

Al-Elfa Charity Association is a community-based organization established in 2013. It works with women and children and works on improving the lives of vulnerable groups. Their areas of work are: child education and literacy classes, environmental awareness and protection, women and child protection, GBV and women’s economic development (handicrafts training)

Al-Khatim Adlan Centre for Enlightenment and Human Development (KACE)

Areas of work: Khartoum and Kassala.


KACE was previously located in Khartoum and now operates from Uganda and aims at developing democratic modes of behavior, to encourage freedom of thought and freedom of scientific research, and to reinforce peaceful and civilized debate amongst different groups and sectors of the society.

East Sudan Women Development Organization

Location of work: Port Sudan State

East Sudan Women Development Organization is a civil society organization located at Port Sudan. Their areas of work are: legal awareness, adult literacy and awareness against Violence against women.

Nuba Women for Education and Development Association (NuWEDA)

Location of work: Sudan, White Nile state, Southern Kordofan

NuWEDA is an organization based in White Nile state, Southern Kordofan and it works primarily with women and children from the marginalized Nuba Mountains region of Sudan. The work on education and literacy, economic development as well as awareness training

Mutawinat benevolent Company

Location of work: Khartoum state

Based in Khartoum, Mutawinat works in legal aid provision to women, children and refugees and advocated for the rights of refugees and migrants as well as the rights of women through the Maputo protocol.

Areas of work: legal aid to victims of personal status laws and other laws, migrants and refugee women rights, Muslim civil laws, youth violence, the Maputo protocol advocacy

Qaniniat Women Lawyers Association

Location of work: White Nile state

Based in White Nile state, the association is a network of women lawyers who work with women who are victimized by discriminatory laws in the state

Areas of work: public order laws, working with women in the informal sector, south Sudanese refugees and IDPs from southern Kordofan.

Aid Center for Advocacy and Legal Consultations

Location of work: all Sudan

Based in Khartoum, Aid center provides legal aid to all victims of violations and all those who lack legal representation

Areas of work: legal aid provision, public order laws and personal status laws, working with women in the prisons

Shorouq Cultural Forum

Location of work: Gedarif and East Sudan in general

Based in Gedarif, Shorouq is a cultural forum working to promote arts and cultures and values of human rights and democratic values in Gedarif state and the Eastern Sudan in general.

Areas of work: cultural development, literature, community awareness on HIV/AIDS and GBV

Paralegal Association Based in Blue Nile, the paralegal association provides legal aid support for the women and legal awareness; they also work on women access to justice and good governance programs.
Madina Centre for Gender and Development A Darfur based center, which supports women who are internally displaced and does training workshops for the IDPs community.
Ryaheen Alsalam Organization for Women and Children South Darfur based organization which works on provision of IDPs communities.
Muna Renewable Energies In South Darfur center works on supporting IDPs to identify energy sources for their livelihoods.

Afaag Al- Mustagbal

Locations of Work: South Darfur, IDP Camps in Otash, Sakali, and Belil.

Is a south Darfur based organization works on improving the livelihood of IDPs women in Darfur. They provide training in skills, farming, and crafting, rotating fund to support. It works in three IDPs camps of Otash, Sakali and Belil in South Darfur.



Sudan Domestic Election Monitoring and Observation Program – (SUDEMOP) SUDEMOP is a civil society network based in Juba that was established to hold discussions for information sharing with different civil society organizations, referendum administration and representatives from the different political parties. Currently SUDEMOP works on peace building and human rights promotion.

Sudanese Network for Democratic Elections (SUNDE)


SUNDE is a non-partisan coalition of Sudanese civil society organizations and faith-based groups, based in Juba and committed to promoting the ability of the Sudanese public to participate freely, equitably, and effectively in transparent and accountable democratic processes.

Women’s Training and Promotion (WOTAP)


WOTAP is based in Wau, Western Bahr El-Ghazal State and is involved in capacity building of women on economic participation, adult literacy classes etc. WOTAP works with young women and youth to end Violence against women.

New Sudan Women Federation (NSWF)


Based in Juba, NSWF aims to improve the social, economic and political status of women in South Sudan and the recognition of their human rights. NSWF has paralegal aid clinics and adult literacy classes in Yambio, Bor in upper Nile State.

Diar for Rehabilitation and Development Association (DRDA)


DRDA is located in the South Sudan Lake States with an office in Rumbek and specializes in community mobilization, information dissemination, and education and preventative interventions. It specializes in literacy and vocational skills training programs.

Women Development Group


Women Development Group is a non-governmental and non-profit making organization established and registered with Ministry of Social Development in 2001. The organization works in the field of livelihoods, peace building food security and gender mainstreaming.  It was initiated by a group of women during the war to provide assistance to women IDPs and vulnerable household of the host community in Wau.




National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students


The National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students (NUEYS) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that stands for the betterment of Eritrean youth. The mission of NUEYS is to organize and build a versatile youth that is aware and proud of their culture, identity, heritage, and history. It also strives to build a disciplined, self-confident, mature, and responsible youth throughout the country, as well as among Eritrean youth in the Diaspora. | Website:

Eritrean Women Association for Development (EWDA)

The Eritrean Women for Development Association is a nongovernmental, non profitable and nonpartisan organization established in Kampala in June 2010 by few interested Eritrean women living in Uganda. The association consists of Eritrean women with different social and economic background and different age groups among which most members are refugee women.

Africa Monitors

Africa Monitor is an Eritrean Human Rights Organization based in Uganda that aims to protect and promote human rights and justice for Eritreans both inside Eritrea and in exile. It does this through research, documentation, and information dissemination and awareness raising as well as through lobby and advocacy, campaigns and facilitation the provision of legal assistance by joining hands with other human rights organisations and intergovernmental and international organisations.

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Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA)

Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA) is a women’s organization that does a lot of work around legal justice. Its main objectives includes eliminating all forms of legal and traditional sanctioned discrimination against women, ensuring equal treatment of women with men in education, employment and access to public services and benefits as well as advocates for remedial and affirmative measures for women to redress accumulated consequences of discrimination.


Circus in Ethiopia for Youth and Social Development

Circus in Ethiopia was established to contribute to the national effort in creating awareness and bring behavioural change in relation to HIV/AIDS, gender issues and other cross cutting issues. Circus Ethiopia currently conducts a number of projects including; circus art development, information, communication and education/behavioural change communication approach, youth support programs and capacity building.

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Network for Ethiopia Women Associations (NEWA)

The Network of Ethiopian Women’s Associations was originally established in 2003 as a national network of non-governmental organisations and women’s associations working for the advancement of women’s rights. NEWA and its members aim to sustain the transformational struggle for gender quality and women’s empowerment in Ethiopia over the long term, until their vision of an Ethiopian society where gender equality is realised.


Union of Ethiopian Women Charitable Associations (UEWCA)

UEWCA promotes the holistic well-being of women/girls and children through enabling them and eliminating barriers to realize their full potential. It focuses on women socio-economic empowerment and reduction of cultural and traditional practices that affect the health situation of women/girls, partnership and networking; mainstreaming gender, environment and disability; as well as capacitating, mobilizing, and synchronizing the efforts of its members and partners.

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Action Professionals Association for People (APAP)

Action Professionals’ Association for the People (APAP) is a not-for profit, non-partisan and indigenous non-governmental organisation established in 1993 with the main objective of providing legal services to the marginalised or otherwise disadvantaged sections of the Ethiopian society.


Multi-Purpose Community Development (MCDP)

MCDP focuses on the improvement of the lives of children and women through integrated development programs with the participation of the community.


New Millennium Hope Development Organisation (NMHDO)

The New Millennium Hope Development Organization (NMHDO) is an indigenous, non – governmental, for non– profit making, humanitarian organization established in 2006. NHMDO exists to ensure that Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), destitute Girls and Women have access to basic services through working closely with communities, local administration, CBOS, like-minded NGOs and GOs and other stakeholders


Good Samaritan Association (GSA)

GSA is a local non-governmental, non-profit-making, non-religious, volunteer organisation established in December 1996. The organisation works to support the returning migrant Ethiopian women and marginalised sections of the population to become free from poverty and their attainment of acceptable standard heath and education service. It exists to work towards achieving improved quality of life of the most marginalised and discriminated segment of the community through participatory, integrated development initiatives, health education basic skill training and other development schemes.


Mujejegwa Loka Women Development Association (MLWDA)

Mujejeguwa Loka Women Development Association (MLWDA) was established in 1996 when it started working on community health related issues of Gumuz Women and advocacy to enable women deliver in their homes, challenging a harmful practice of giving birth in forests. The association strives to empower the Gumuz people socially, economically, and politically and the protection of rights of children. Its mission is to promote gender equality for the protection of the rights of women and children and advocate for the protection and rehabilitation of the environment.


Love for Children Organisation (LCO)

LCO was established in 1999 and fights for ensuring children’s wellbeing and is working to bring out lasting improvements up on their lives through strengthening institutions to support them and take actions.


Association for Women’s Sanctuary and Development (AWSAD)

AWSAD was established in with a mission to promote the social wellbeing and economic independence of women through providing psychosocial support and strengthening the economic and social status of women.


Siiqqee Women’s Development Association (SWDA)

Siiqqee Women’s Development Association (SWDA) is a non-for-profit organization is founded by a committed Ethiopian woman with the strong conviction that poor women can control their livelihoods and their futures when assisted in their self-help efforts and ultimately empowered. With time, other men and women sharing the same vision voluntarily joined the Association. It was established to enable disadvantaged women, girls and children improve, their social & and economic Well Being and develop their capacity as active, productive and respected Members of their communities


Beza Organising Association of Women in Need (BOAWN)

BOAWN was established in 1997, as a non-profit, non-partisan secular civic non-governmental organization. A lot of the work being done is around women’s engagement in capacity-building and education.


Mothers and Children Multi-sectoral Development Organisation (MCMDO)

MCMDO works to improve the lives of disadvantaged mothers and children, through increasing their access to health and education services, supporting income generation and improving their environment.

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Doba Integrated Development Organization (DIDO)

Doba Integrated Development Organization (DIDO) is Ethiopian resident charity organisation, legally registered by charity organisations and association’s agency, bearing a certificate number 0458 to implement community-based projects. The organisation looks at contributing to the  improvement of living standards of poor and marginalised children, women/girls with disabilities and their families through community-based approach.




National Association of Women Organizations in Uganda (NAWOU)

The National Association of Women’s Organisations in Uganda (NAWOU) is an umbrella organisation of women founded and women-led organisations that registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in 1993. Its membership category is District Networks, which are clusters of women’s Community Based Organisations (CBOs), Faith Based Organisations (FBOs) and NGOs, national NGOs, nationally registered FBOs and women’s professional bodies. NAWOU is also one of the oldest Ugandan women’s organisations as it was originally founded as the National Council for Women in the 1960’s

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MIFUMI is a rights agency securing safety for women and children from all forms of violence. MIFUMI’s belief is that whereas society can and may enjoy the benefits of culture. No element of culture and its practice should infringe on the safety and protection of women and girls. The organisation also works in close collaboration with partners in the Diaspora.

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Regional Associates for Community Initiatives (RACI)

RACI is a civil society organisation established by Ugandan community development practitioners and social entrepreneurs to promote understanding, observance of inclusive peace, security reconstruction and development from a community perspective. RACI’s aim is to provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas on promoting observance of international benchmarks and commitments; promote understanding of development peace and security, in particular the national, regional and international peace and security instruments, resolutions, declarations, and conventions that Uganda is a signatory.

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Muslim Centre for Justice and Law (MCJL)


The Muslim Centre for Justice and Law (MCJL) is a Ugandan faith-based NGO dedicated to promoting and advancing justice, tolerance and human rights in Uganda. MCJL has a primary focus on poor and vulnerable members of the grassroots communities and further encompasses the diverse community  as a whole. Empowering local communities to effectively advocate for their rights and duty-bearers to deal with dynamic social challenges especially in the Muslim communities in Uganda

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RuthFund – Uganda

Ruth Fund is not-for-profit organisation established in February 2014, incorporated as a legal entity number 181292 at the Registrar of companies. Ruth Fund was founded by women and youth activists who were concerned at the continued marginalization, invisibility and denial of rights of rural women and youth with a belief that once they are informed, they become visible to and empowered to enjoy their rights. RuthFund envisions rural women and youth able to lead lives of dignity, visible in plans and programs for human and physical development of Uganda.

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Peace and Development Campaign International (PADCI)

Peace and Development Campaign International (PADCI) was founded in the year 2012 and a registered NGO, with certificate number S5914/10052 and registration number 9656. Located in Pallisa district, PADCI’s overarching goal is to promote unity and peace through advocating for capacity building for individuals for peace. PADCI works to promote sustainable development, reduction of extreme poverty due to violence, reduction of illiteracy and promoting economic development of the community.


Century Entrepreneurship Development Agency (CEDA International)

CEDA International is a not-for-profit organization specializing in leadership, mentoring and entrepreneurship development. The organization’s vision is to create a new generation of women leaders who are economically independent and socially responsible. The organization was started in 2007 out of the great need to bridge the leadership and employment gaps among youth and women in Uganda. It provides employment and job creation skills to youth – girls and boys; women; community groups; persons with disabilities and people living with HIV/AIDS. CEDA International has established a platform through which young people and women’s voices and stories are shared and celebrated to ensure the promotion and protection of equal opportunities. The organisation provides practical skills to people to enable them become the best at whatever they choose to do and remain competitive and relevant in the changing market.

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Bender Djedid Socio-economic Association



Bender Djedid was founded in 1992 to provide education for young children as well as literacy classes for adults, health development of the communities, provide social assistance and assist poor families and to victims of disaster, promote income generating activities and small business development for durable and sustainable growth.


MER ROUGE Association des Femme Pour le Developpement Economique et Social

Its work involves support for women; provision of food and materials, guidance and counselling for HIV/AIDS victims and literacy classes for women.


Association Roumane

Association Roumane do a lot of work supporting women to discover their voice for the promotion and defence of their rights. The association works with  the most vulnerable women to form cooperatives while incorporating rights trainings to improve their economic and rights awareness.


Gender Hope Association

Gender Hope is  a women rights association that works with women groups within society to reinforce solidarity among women rights activists.