#CEDAWFORSUDANWOMEN Protest in Khartoum, Sudan (2020)

#16DAYSOFACTIVISM commemorated in Kampala, Uganda (2019)

SIHA at work with market vendor cooperatives in Arua, Uganda (2019/2020)

SIHA at work with women street vendor cooperatives in Hargeisa, Somaliland (2020)

SUDAN WOMEN CONVENING held in Khartoum, Sudan (2019)

REGIONAL GIRLS CAMP with girls' associations held in Ethiopia (2019)

#SUDANWOMENPROTEST: A country-wide campaign against sexual violence held in Khartoum, Sudan (2019)

#MakeHerVisible Campaign

SIHA's engagement with young girls in South Kordofan (2019)

#BreakingGenderStereotypes Campaign in Sudan (2018/2019)