Supporting Women Human Rights Defenders

SIHA has at the core of its mandate an obligation to act as an advocate for WHRD throughout the Horn of Africa. SIHA will continue to engage with women community leaders, activists and human rights defenders to contribute to their skills development, protection, and promoting their roles inside the countries and communities in which they work. As the backlash against human rights discourse continues, and as space for civil society and rights-based approaches continues to shrink in so many countries in the Horn, SIHA’s solidarity will help sustain the work of WHRD. Strategically, SIHA will work to influence and enhance the work of WHRD and activists on the ground, lending institutional collaboration to their efforts against cycles of violence, bad governance and poor democratic practices, and criminalization of women in public and private realms. Specifically, SIHA will work to sustain acts of activism for women’s rights through creating a platform for diverse generations and backgrounds of WHRDs to share knowledge and reinforce each other. SIHA will strive to strengthen WHRDs’ abilities and improve available protection mechanisms for them such as support services, legal aid, psychosocial counseling, and training opportunities. SIHA will support WHRDs and activists to develop counter-actions against beliefs and practices that seek to violate women’s rights by availing opportunities for them to develop small interventions to strengthen their positions inside their communities. SIHA will sustain its work on documenting and monitoring the regional and international engagement in the Horn countries as well as to provide support on integration and strengthening women rights.

Other Ways We Work