Update on Amira Osman’s Trial

inline_390_https://sihanet.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/update-on-amira-osmans-trial.jpg On 1st September 2013, Amira Osman appeared before the Jabal Awlia court after being charged for not covering her hair. She appeared dressed exactly the same way as she had when she had been arrested and temporarily detained on August 27th.

The court session which lasted for 10minutes was attended by her family and more than eighty activists, 50% of whom were young men. According to the court authorities, the Judge presiding over the case was allegedly sick, as a result, the case was postponed until the 19th September at 12 noon.

During the court session, it was noticeable that the police were careful not to harm anyone. Those present had been barred from taking pictures while inside the court grounds, however it is reported that one man who was caught while taking them was arrested and lashed forty times claiming that he had made indecent pictures.

The picture shows activists who attended the court session.