Membership Criteria

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SIHA is a network that comprises of about 80 member organizations spread across the Horn of Africa Region; Somalia and Somaliland, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan and Uganda.

  1. Non-governmental, non-partisan, organizations that have gender equality integrated policy, and work in the Horn of Africa region are eligible to apply for membership.
  2. Non-governmental, non-partisan, organizations that have gender equality integrated policy from other regions in Africa can work with SIHA upon signing memorandums of understanding or other agreements.
  3. Non-governmental, non-partisan umbrella organizations applying to join the network must have:
    • At least two years experience working on women’s rights issues
    • Transparent governance structure including rotation of leadership
      “Umbrella” organization is defined as a group of organizations who have a common goal and at least five member organizations
    • An organization whose membership is at least 50% women
    • Fair gender representation in the organization management level
    • Gender equality mandate and policies
    • The organization’s strategy, programs and monitoring and evaluation tools should be guided and based on gender equality principles
    • The organization should have a clear stand and programs pro women’s human rights as stated in international and regional mechanisms of relevance to the Horn of Africa region
    • Legal Status
    • Office structure
    • Constituency-membership
    • Constitution
    • Strategic Plan
  4. Applicant organization’s membership and governing structure must discuss and approve the vision, mission, strategies, code of conduct, and structure of the SIHA network.
  5. Letter of recommendation from SIHA Member within the country is required.
  6. Documentation (with emphasis on audit and annual reports) of organizations seeking membership will be submitted to be reviewed by the Secretariat.
  7. Approval of membership will be decided by consensus of the SIHA Board of Directors.
  8. If accepted as a member of SIHA Network, the organization agrees to implement all strategies of the SIHA Network and to submit every three months a written update on all actions and strategies, using the supplied format. Implementation and reporting begin immediately upon membership approval.

All member organizations will pay a membership fee of 150$ and an annual subscription of 100$. New members will pay immediately following approval. Details on how to transfer the money to SIHA can be arranged with the SIHA accountant upon approval of membership.