Breaking the Silence: Sexual harassment in the workplace – Sudan


This year, for the annual #16DaysofActivism Against Gender-Based Violence, SIHA will launch a documentary focusing on workplace harassment in Sudan. Gender based violence is an ongoing issue in Sudan that is among SIHA’s strategic areas. SIHAs work has focused particularly on sexual and gender based violence in post conflict settings and in the criminal justice system.
However these issues permeate the social landscape, and are often mirrored in the workplace, including in organizations and individuals that are trusted with working to end gender based violence. Our engagement with the 16 days of activism is to create a space to reflect critically on what civil society can do to ensure that the patterns of gender based violence and discrimination seen in Sudan are not continued or facilitated by civil society.

The video features anonymous interviews with a number of women who have faced gender based workplace harassment. SIHA hopes that their courage in sharing their stories will galvanize civil society activists in Sudan to push to end workplace harassment and to call for changes in national laws and workplace policies to ensure that these stories are not repeated.