Congratulations Chairwoman Kaltun S. Hassan

SIHA congratulates Kaltun S. Hassan on her recent appointment as Chairwoman of the National Election Commission in Somaliland

Kaltun Hassan

The SIHA Network team, board and advisors are all proud of the appointment of Kaltun S. Hassan as the Chairwoman of the National Election Commission in Somaliland.

Kaltun was previously one of SIHA’s staff, a Board member and later served as SIHA’s chairwoman for two consecutive terms, and now sits on the advisory board. She is a human rights defender and a solid activist against all forms of violence against women in Somaliland and across the region.

She is also the founder of Women Action for Advocacy and Progress (WAAPO), an organization that works to improve the quality of life for women, children, and youth in communities through empowerment, education, advocacy and the provision of social services.

While we are thrilled to hear the news and are proud of Kaltun’s appointment; we recognise that it is no small feat.

We are convinced that this position will enable her to continue her work in the Somaliland women’s rights arena as a woman human rights advocate and reiterate the imperativeness of women’s participation in governance and the political space as a right and not a gift.

SIHA takes this opportunity to stress the fact that women in Somaliland have been struggling for equal access to political participation for over two decades now, with their efforts often being obstructed by rigid and dogmatic traditions that frequently use religion as an excuse to exclude women from accessing parliamentary and leadership positions.

We hope that the appointment of Kaltun will send a clear message that meaningful participation of women in decision-making is inevitable and a necessity for the peace and stability of Somaliland and Somalia.