COMMUNIQUE: Our heads are bent by the heavy burden

The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) Network convened its annual board, staff and advisors meeting attended by 32 members from 8 different countries across the region on 16 – 18th November,  in Entebbe, Uganda. Our debates and discussion underlined the new cycles of disparity evolving every day, which continue to implicate women, […]

LAUNCH: Graduation Day – A snippet documentary dedicated to the Women and Girls in the Darfur Region, Sudan

Today, the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) launches a snippet documentary capturing its on-going work in North Darfur, Sudan and the provision of both literacy and sexual violence protection and response programs for those internally displaced. SIHA has been engaged in skills-development programs for Darfuri IDP women and girls (in[…..]

A prominent Sudan Women and Civil rights activist passed away

In the early hours of Saturday 12th August Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim, a renowned Sudanese leader of the feminist movement and fierce defender of women’s rights within the Horn of Africa region, passed away. Fatima was born in 1933 in Omdurman, and was a staunch advocate for women’s rights in Sudan.  Her activism began in the late 1940’s,[…..]