SIHA Uganda: Opening the Black Box

Militant ideologies of Islam, have left Muslim communities in despair, of frequently being linked to attacks and being discriminated for their faith and appearance. Youth, being at a critical stage in their development process, therefore present a certain vulnerability to both being drawn into militant movements, and of experiencing a deep sense of marginalization and […]

SIHA Briefing: Somalia- Gendered Killings

Somalia – Gendered Killings SIHA Briefing on the latest wave of targeted killings of women Targeting civilians, both men and women is not a new issue in Somalia.  Thus a growing trend of gendered killings is spreading across Somalia. The militant armed militia Al Shabaab and previous waves of active militant Islamic ideology overwhelmed Somalia[…..]

Statement on the killing of Somali journalist Sagal Osman

SIHA decries the killing of the Somali journalist Sagal Osman, who was working for state-run radio called “Radio Mogadishu”. Sagal Osman was a university student of Computer Science at Plasma University. She was killed few minutes after she went for a meeting preparing for her final examination at the University campus, on 5th June around[…..]