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#DidYouKnow that:
❌ As of July 2023, around 4 million Sudanese women and girls were under the threat of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence❓
❌ The ongoing Sudan crisis had resulted in at least 9,000 deaths as of mid-October 2023❓
❌ Since the start of the conflict in April 2023, approximately 5.6 million people have forcibly disappeared❓

On the 22nd of October, 2023, SIHA Network was given an opportunity to read a Statement to the 77th Ordinary Session of the African Commission.  The Statement focused on the situation of women’s human rights in Somalia and Sudan, where women in both countries have found themselves increasingly subjected to sexual violence and other forms of human rights abuses.  During the …

Feminist Peace & Solidarity Conference on Sudan

📸 Here’s a sneak peek from #BehindtheScenes of the Feminist Peace and Solidarity Conference on Sudan! Despite the pain and anguish caused by enduring the harsh consequences of the brutal war in Sudan, we were excited to witness our partners, colleagues, and sisters harnessing the power of networking and strategically planning to collectively propel the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda in conflict-affected regions such as Sudan. …

This documentary complements a qualitative study conducted on the lived realities faced by women cross border traders in West Nile region in Northern Uganda while crossing into South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This edutainment video has been produced as part of SIHA’s #HagTaMara campaign whose objective is promoting shifts in attitudes, behaviors and practices around sexual and gender-based violence in South Sudan.

This short documentary captures the first Sudan Women Protest march where women from all walks of life and backgrounds from Sudan marched the streets of Khartoum – extending out the pivotal role that they played in the transition.

The Invisible Labourers of Kampala speaks to the plight of women in the informal sector of Kampala, following the stories of Florence, Gloria and Consolata forging a livelihood as women street vendors in the city, confronted by the city authority’s duty to modernize Kampala.

“Breaking the Norms” is a documentary borne of SIHA Network’s work with young women in Sudan who have gained skills in non-gender typical vocations and apprenticeships, breaking gender stereotypes, and successfully securing employment.

Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) launches a snippet documentary capturing its on-going work in North Darfur, Sudan, and the provision of both literacy and sexual violence protection and response programs for those internally displaced.

Opening the Black Box is a documentary that captured the challenges of young people in Muslim communities in Kampala-Uganda, the suburb of Kawempe.
The Film speaks to SIHA’s efforts to uplift young Mulsim men and women in Kampala’s sense of belonging and understanding of moderate interpretations of religion that have been undertaken by a series of actors…

This short film aims to unravel the multi-layered patriarchal narrative in Sudan, delve into the concept of masculinity and its correlation to that social concept/discourse and to explore the personal experiences of young men regarding their attitudes, stances and behavioral patterns towards oppression, discrimination and violence against women.

Invisible labourers was a four-year long project implemented by the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA Network) and it targeted women working in the informal sector in Sudan such as tea and food sellers, domestic workers, petty traders and handicrafts makers.