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Babiker Badri Scientific Association for Women’s Studies (BBSAWS) 

BBSAWS is a voluntary, non-political, non-profit making NGO located inside Ahfad University in Omdurman, Sudan and is dedicated to enhancing women’s status and is striving to achieve equality, empowerment, development and the full realization of their human capacity.

Areas of work: reproductive health, peace and development, good governance and human rights, women’s social and economic empowerment and educational programs.

Location of work: Khartoum, Darfur, Gedarif, North Kordofan and White Nile state



Sudan Organization for Research and Development (SORD) 

SORD is a Sudanese NGO with a main office in Khartoum. SORD aims at contributing to the struggle to achieve gender equality, justice and democracy and support efforts to spread awareness of citizen’s rights and responsibilities.
Areas of work: the personal status law (legal aid provision), women’s development, micro-finance and livelihoods development, food security, education (literacy classes), good governance
Locations of work: Khartoum, Kassala, Al-Jazeera, Gedarif, White Nile state


Sudan Development Association (SDA)

SDA is a national NGO located in Khartoum that was established to assist low-income communities in their efforts to promote the advancement of women and explore the opportunities to stimulate growth with equity.


Areas of work: women in the informal sector, economic development

Locations of work: Khartoum




Afkar Organization for Development and Research

Akfar is a national Non- Government Organization that is based in Khartoum. It empowers women with disabilities for self sustainability and development.


Areas of work: disability rights and human development/ governance

Locations of work: Khartoum, White Nile, River Nile, Al-Jazeera, Northern Kordofan and Kassala.


Sudan Popular Committee for Relief and Rehabilitation (SPCR)

SPCR is located in Khartoum and specifically works with the youth and women to improve their living standards by providing educational trainings on GBV and reproductive health. SPCR also works in Darfur and South Sudan.


Areas of work: relief, development, awareness-raising

Locations of work: South Darfur




Um-Doreen Women’s Development and Childcare Association

Um-Doreen Association is a community based organization working out of Banat, Omdurman. It specifically works with marginalized communities from the Nuba Mountains.


Areas of work: awareness of women, reproductive health, educational programs for children, working with women in prisons

Locations of work: Khartoum, southern Kordofan


Diar Association for reconstruction and development

Areas of work: women’s capacity-building, child and youth education, health and reproductive awareness

Areas of work: Mayo


Shamaa Organization

A Khartoum-based organization working with children without parents (born out of wedlock) and women and children who are victims of violence.


Areas of work: abandoned children, single mothers, sexual violence

Location of work: Blue Nile, Al-Jazeera, Gedarif and White Nile state


Jedia organization for Motherhood and Childhood

A Khartoum-based community-based organization working in Mayo, South Khartoum. It focuses its work on community awareness.


Areas of work: literacy classes and child education, FGM, SGBV, reproductive health

Location of work: Mayo Mandela, Khartoum


Sudanese Environmental Conservation Association

One of the first NGOs in Sudan which was started in 1975 and works in all Sudan’s states to achieve sustainable development through projects on environmental conservation.


Areas of work: community environmental governance, natural resource management, environmental conservation, sustainable development and livelihoods, ecologically sound peace management, water management.

Location of work: Khartoum, North Kordofan, Gedarif, South Kordofan, Northern state, Red Sea, Kasssala, Blue Nile, South, North and West Darfur , White Nile, Sennar and Al-Jazeera state.




Al-Elfa Charity Association

A community-based organization working in Ombada locality in Khartoum state and established in 2013. The association works with women and children and works on improving the lives of vulnerable groups.


Areas of work: education-children and literacy classes, environmental awareness and protection, women and child protection, GBV and women’s economic development (handicrafts training)

Location of work: Omdurman, Khartoum state in Jabarona IDP camp and in Wad Al-Bashir.


Al-Khatim Adlan Centre for Enlightenment and Human Development (KACE)

KACE was previously located in Khartoum and now operates from Uganda and aims at developing democratic modes of behavior, to encourage freedom of thought and freedom of scientific research, and to reinforce peaceful and civilized debate amongst different groups and sectors of the society.


Fields of work:  good governance, human rights training and monitoring, youth development and leadership, cultural development

Areas of work: Khartoum and Kassala.




East Sudan Women Development Organization

East Sudan Women Development Organization is a civil Society Organization, located at Port Sudan, eastern part of Sudan.


Areas of work: legal awareness, adult literacy and awareness against Violence against women.

Location of work: Port Sudan state


Nuba Women for Education and Development Association (NuWEDA)

NuWEDA is an organization that works primarily with women and children from the marginalized Nuba Mountains region of Sudan.


Areas of work: education and literacy, economic development, awareness training

Location of work: Sudan, White Nile state, Southern Kordofan


Mutawinat benevolent Company

Based in Khartoum, Mutawinat  works in legal aid provision to women, children and refugees and advocated for the rights of refugees and migrants as well as the rights of women through the Maputo protocol.


Areas of work: legal aid to victims of personal status laws and other laws, migrants and refugee women rights, Muslim civil laws, youth violence, the Maputo protocol advocacy

Location of work: Khartoum state


Qaniniat Women Lawyers Association

Based in White Nile state, the association is a network of women lawyers who work with women who are victimized by discriminatory laws in the state


Areas of work:  public order laws, working with women in the informal sector, south Sudanese refugees and IDPs from southern Kordofan.

Location of work: White Nile state


Aid Center for Advocacy and Legal Consultations

Based in Khartoum, Aid center provides legal aid to all victims of violations and all those who lack legal representation


Areas of work: legal aid provision, public order laws and personal status laws, working with women in the prisons

Location of work: all Sudan


Shorouq Cultural Forum

Based in Gedarif, Shorouq  is a cultural forum working to promote arts and cultures and values of human rights and democratic values in Gedarif state and the Eastern Sudan in general.


Areas of work: cultural development, literature, community awareness on HIV/AIDS and GBV

Location of work: Gedarif and East Sudan in general


Paralegal Association

Based in Blue Nile, the paralegal association provides legal aid support for the women and legal awareness; they also work on women access to justice and good governance programs.


Madina Centre for Gender and Development

A Darfur based center, which supports women who are internally displaced and does training workshops for the IDPs community.


Ryaheen Alsalam Organization for Women and Children

South Darfur based organization which works on provision of IDPs communities.


Muna Renewable Energies

In South Darfur center works on supporting IDPs to identify energy sources for their livelihoods.


Afaag Al- Mustagbal

Is a south Darfur based organization works on improving the livelihood of IDPs women in Darfur. They provide training in skills, farming, and crafting, rotating fund to support. It works in three IDPs camps of Otash, Sakali and Belil in South Darfur.

Locations of Work: South Darfur, IDP Camps in Otash, Sakali, and Belil.