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RSF Atrocities Persist Unabated in South Kordofan and Nuba Mountains

Following ten (10) months of horrific fighting in Sudan that have claimed thousands of lives, and led to enforced disappearances, forced evictions, and mass displacement; the people of Sudan are cut off from the outside world because of telecommunication outages, including disruptions to internet, calls, and data services.

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Report: Gezira under RSF Control – Overall Situation

On December 18th, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) invaded Gezira State and initiated a new phase of the ongoing conflict. Unlike in Khartoum, where upon outbreak of the war, active combat was initiated between the RSF and the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) within residential neighbourhoods, in Gezira the RSF entered the state swiftly and without much resistance or combat with the SAF, whose forces had quickly withdrawn from the region. While active combat was minimal in the state

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Ending Violence against Women and Girls

Building an inclusive women’s movement

Women and girls' access to justice

Women's social protection and economic justice

Rights of women and girls on the move

Established in 1995 by a coalition of women’s rights activists with the aim of strengthening the capacities of women’s rights organizations and addressing women’s subordination and violence against women and girls in the Horn of Africa, SIHA has grown substantially and is now comprised of 136 member organizations.

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For every $5 donated, we provide one Sudanese woman or girl with a menstrual hygiene kit that empowers her to go through her period with dignity for a full month!

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Dear friends and colleagues,

We are excited to present the latest edition of the SIHA Network newsletter, highlighting our achievements during the second half of 2023. Despite the challenges of the past year, our collective efforts, supported by dedicated colleagues, partners, and allies in women’s movements globally, enabled us to overcome obstacles and persist in our mission. We are extremely grateful for your support and solidarity!

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