In an attempt to regulate street vendors in Kampala, Kampala Capital City Authority is in the process of instituting a Street Trade Ordinance, providing legislative framework within which street trade will be organized on the streets of Kampala.

Within the ordinance, some of the provisions therein propose street vendors registering with KCCA in order to acquire a special trading license, identification number and uniforms among others. The suggested trading license will cost Ugx 210,000 and Ugx 78,750 for grade one and two street vendors respectively on top of an additional Ugx 50,000 for a uniform (different colored depending on the division where one operates from.)

As a women rights organization that works with women street vendors in Kampala, we saw it critical to take the constituency of women that we are working with, through the ordinance to understand the different provisions within the proposed legislation and what these mean for them as contributors to Uganda’s economy.

Consequently, the women are consolidating their views, opinions and recommendations ahead of the full institution and implementation of the legislation. Currently, the ordinance is still under the consultation stage at divisional level, however we implore you to share with us your thoughts on what form the Kampala Street Trade Ordinance 2019 should take. For your own reading and understanding, click here: http://bit.ly/2kdenFw to download the draft ordinance.