Steps Forward on our Work in South Sudan

7th March 2012: Jo Crouch, SIHA Regional Programmes Officer. Being in South Sudan always brings a multitude of emotions, but on this trip, an overarching one is a sense that, despite a multitude of challenges facing the country, there are some things to smile about. On the 1st March, SIHA launched its latest publication, Falling […]

Launch of Falling Through the Cracks

Launch of Falling Through the Cracks: Reflections on Customary Law and the Imprisonment of Women in South Sudan Date: 1st March 2013 Time: 3:00-6:00pm Venue: Juba University Hall 2 Preview Falling through the Cracks explores the dynamics and impact of customary and statutory legal systems on women’s human rights and the capacity of women to negotiate[…..]

Justice & Sexual Violence in Somalia

On the 5th February 2013, Lul Ali Isman, who was allegedly raped by the government security forces and journalist, Abdiaziz Abdinur Ibrahim who conducted an interview with the rape survivor were convicted and sentenced to a year in jail. The Somali woman was accused of insulting a government body and making false claims. The freelance[…..]

New Publication! Falling Through the Cracks

An extensive participatory field research undertaken with activists, grass-roots leaders, and elites, comprising interviews and community consultations, Falling Through the Cracks addresses traditions, practices and views related to dowry, domestic violence, divorce and adultery that perpetuate prejudice policies and the violation of women’s rights. Against the backdrop of the construction of the new Republic of[…..]