The aim of this Gender Briefing is to examine four countries that have, over the past decade, passed and adopted gender-progressive legislation and policies. The four countries are Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Uganda. Against an inventory of the existing, recent gender policy and legal progress made in each of these countries, this brief will present a short analysis covering:

a. A general review of the social and political context in which the gender laws and policies are being implemented (broad contextual analysis) in each country.
b. An overview of the existing laws/policies that have direct or indirect implications for gender equity in each country.
c. For each country, a brief background of the major issues facing women’s rights and gender activists. The brief shall focus on issues of VAWG, informal sector employment, women’s political participation, and finally, marriage and succession.
d. A structural analysis per country of (a), (b) and (c) above – highlighting and summarizing the major factors deepening the gap between laws/policies and women’s lived realities. This brief will look at polices and laws against actual practices.
e. This brief will highlight the women’s movement situation in each country employing the SIHA community activism guide.

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