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Website The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA)

To:  SIHA Network In-Country Coordinator (Name and Title) 

Attention: Procurement Office  

Email address:

Physical address:
Plot 2 Saddler Lane, Naguru
Kampala, Uganda

Date: 8th May 2024     
From: Procurement Unit   

: Request for Quotation
Closing date: 22nd May 2024

SIHA Network invites qualified company/entity/ person(s) to quote for the goods and services as outlined below. 

  1. Graphics Designer
  2. Printing
  3. Conference Venue (Hotel)
  4. Photographer
  5. Stationaries
  6. Rapporteur
  7. Interpreter (Specify the Language)

a) Arabic
b) Somali
c) Amharic 

  1. Translator (Specify the Language)

a) Arabic
b) Somali
c) Amharic 

  1. Trainers, Facilitators, and Consultancies (Specify areas/ themes of competency); 

a) Base line Evaluation
b) Endline Evaluation
c) Gender responsive and Accountable justice systems
d) Women Peace and Security
e) Women Economic Empowerment/ Income Generating Activities
f) Protection, Safety and Security
g) Movement Building, Leadership and Community Engagement
h) Policy and Advocacy
i) Knowledge Management
j) Sexual and Gender Based Violence
k) Peace Building and Conflict Mangement
l) Political Participation
m) Strategic Litigation
n) Forced Displacement
o) Digital Literacy
p) Auditors

  1. Fumigation
    Insurance (Medical, third party, travel, motor comprehensive)
    Suppliers of IT equipment

Any offer for Procurement under this RFQ, that does not comply with the following conditions for submission, will be considered invalid 

A. Quotations should be addressed to the SIHA Network Procurement Unit and submitted by either email or hand-delivered to the SIHA     Network physical address. 

B. Quotations must include the full name of the applicant, the email address, the physical address, and the telephone number of the applicant.

C. Please attach Purchase Order(s) copies of the same/similar procurement for supply of goods / services  to any NGOs, UN or with SIHA Network previously. 

General Instructions to Vendor 

All quotations must be given in the official currency of a given country and must include applicable taxes and delivery costs. Quotations received after the closing date will not be considered in the procurement process. 

Additional Informative Points:  
  • SIHA Network has the option of splitting procurement between multiple tenders. 
  • SIHA Network has the option to procure fewer elements or quantities, based on the quote received. 
  • The Quantities listed in the above request are estimates only. 
  • SIHA Network Payment terms are Net 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) upon receipt of invoice, alongside signed goods receipt / written evidence showing acceptance of service by SIHA Network authorized point of contact. 
    Quotation is valid for 90 days (about 3 months), from date of submission.  
  • General Conditions for Procurement of Goods and Services – SIHA Network expects its suppliers to comply with and follow SIHA Network values and code of conduct. 
For the sake of clarification: 

This form is not a binding agreement and is used for quotation purposes only. In the event of actual purchasing, an approved purchase order will be sent.  

Request specifications for purchase.  
S/N  Items Description  Unit  Quantity  Unit Price (USD)  Total Amount in (USD) 


Note: If specifications are not clear, clarifications may be sought prior to the closing date by contacting the Regional Office via Phone on +256 706 442912 or Email address:

To apply for this job email your details to