#JUSTICEFORNOURA: Noura is not off the hook yet

Following the submission of an appeal notice by Noura’s defense team to the Omdurman Appeal Court in early June, – there was a relegate of the charge from an intentional homicide to an un-intentional homicide, and an amendment of the punishment to a sentence of five (5) years, as well as payment of three hundred and fifty thousand Sudanese pounds as Deia money to the family of deceased. The defense team submitted the above notice based on the principle of self-defense.

As of August 3rd, the deceased family through their legal representative correspondingly submitted an appeal notice to the Supreme Court – currently being reviewed. The nature and background of the deceased’s family appeal notice is confidential and only privy to the court.
Subsequently, Noura is not off the hook yet with all the looming legal developments. There is still no mention of any changes to be made to Sudan’s personal status law imposing guardianship on women and girl’s decisions of marriage.

SIHA still upholds that the Sudanese Personal Status Law emerges as demeaning to the identity of women and girls presenting them as inferior and unable to manage their lives without oversight from men. Justice continues to run its course.