Breaking the Norms” is a documentary borne of SIHA Network’s work with young women in Sudan who have gained skills in non-gender typical vocations and apprenticeships, breaking gender stereotypes, and successful securing employment.

Gender segregation and stereotypes have translated into most parts of the Sudanese society, including the work arena, dictating which professions and economic sectors are suited for men versus women. SIHA developed its work initiative of breaking gender stereotypes in the work environment with the view of opening new discourse in Sudan on women’s work – with a focus on most vulnerable populations. The conversation on breaking gender stereotypes in the work world, aims at identifying the best ways to provoke mind and behavioral change towards women in the workforce in Sudan, in particular non-gender typical jobs.

However, from what we saw based on our interaction with the young women graduates, we do not think that any resentment will ever hold back those young women again, and they will keep entering new ventures within the Sudan labor force, making the work force ready for them by their assertive engagements and persistence.