SIHA Gender Alert: Sit Al Shai at risk in Khartoum

On Monday 12th July, Akhair Lhaza a Khartoum based newspaper published  an interview with Ahmed Abu Shanab, Commissioner of Khartoum/Mothamad, who was stating that “ after 15 days from now  street vendors across Khartoum will be banned  from working  in public areas in Khartoum.” The street vendors will then according to him, be assigned booths within market areas.

Many women selling shai, food or other items on the streets of Khartoum are the main breadwinners for their families.This move by the government exposes hundreds of thousands of women (and men) to the risk of losing their livelihoods and IPDs and migrants in particular. Furthermore it subjects them to raids by the Public Order Police, which historically have been overshadowed by human rights violations and abuses.

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