SIHA Journal launched: “Women in Islam: The First Issue of SIHA Journal, released in Khartoum

On 17 July 2014, SIHA launched the first issue of the SIHA Journal, (Arabic version) in Sudan. The launch of the issue, titled ‘Women in Islam,’ was held at the Sudanese Writer’s Union and brought together youth from cultural groups and associations, activists, academics, civil society actors, students, writers and journalists as well as artists and film-makers.

Among other things, readings were done by SIHA staff, friends and contributors to the Journal, giving those attending an idea of what to expect from the Journal. Significant interest in the Journal was demonstrated by large attendance of the launch and the significant number of orders placed.

‘Women In Islam’ glances at the prolonged crisis in the Horn of Africa through the lens of the devastation of women’s lives and highlights their resilience and struggle against subjugation under militant Islam. Addressing a broad base of readers, the Journal is rich and accessible, presenting alternative discourses of Islamic interpretations and reflections on women’s human rights in the Horn of Africa via a selection of profound writings by prominent Islamic thinkers, activists, and young writers punctuated by poetry, art, and compelling personal narratives by women and men from the region.

The Journal will be available in both English and Arabic versions in bookshops throughout East Africa and it already available online through Amazon. Another launch will be held soon for the English version in Nairobi, Kenya.