Deadline: Sunday 17th of November 2019 17:00 hours

Women in Islam journal is published annually by the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa in both English and Arabic editions. The journal provides space for the narratives of women and men in Muslim societies, focusing on East Africa, and also explores and reflects on the variety of interpretations of Islam. The core aim is to encourage people living in Muslim communities to exercise activism against dogmatic discourses based on militant and Salafi religious views.

The journal seeks contributions from Muslim and non-Muslim scholars and activists from around the world and presents complex ideas in an accessible format. For this particular post, it is essential that the candidate is aware that the journal aims to reflect the voices and concerns of SIHA as a coalition of women, men, and communities from across the Horn of Africa; it must therefore primarily represent their voices and appeal to their interests.

The editorial coordinator will finalise Issue 5 of the journal. The main responsibilities will be editing articles and overseeing the design and printing process, working closely with the designers and publishing house to produce a high-quality publication.

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