Somali Security Arrest another Woman and Journalist for Speaking Out Against Rape

inline_626_ the 21st November 2013, a 19 year old rape survivor and the journalist to whom she has spoken, have been arrested on the basis of fabricating false stories. The survivor has claimed that she was raped at gunpoint by two government affiliated journalists, working for Radio Mogadishu in August 2013, however following failed attempts to address the issue with the station manager at Radio Mogadishu, she spoke with Radio Shabelle in a bid to create public pressure for justice.

The incident took place in August 2013 where the victim was held at gun point and repeatedly raped during the night by the two journalists. Her interview with Radio Shabelle was aired on the 18th November and the victim, the Radio Shabelle journalist, Mohamed Bashir Hashi and the Radio Shabelle station manager Abdulmalik Yusuf were arrested on the 21st August. Abdimalik Yusuf has since been released on bail, however the victim and Hashi remain in custody. In the video report, the victim explained, “One of the men threatened me with a pistol, and took me to the bedroom by force… both of them raped me several times, destroying my pride and dignity,” She went onto argue, “I am appealing to the government to take legal action against the rapists, they might have done the same to other poor girls,” While both victim and journalist sit in jail, the two perpetrators remain free with still no investigation taking place to address the case, and as yet, none forthcoming.

This latest incident highlights the ongoing struggle and threats to the dignity and human rights that survivors of sexual violence face in obtaining justice for the crimes perpetrated against them. Not only have they experienced the extreme brutality of sexual violence, but have been doubly victimized through the application of the law to discredit and delegitimize her. The use of the law provides a veneer of legitimacy for practices which are contradictory to any and all recognised guidance in how to deal with survivors of sexual violence.