Women in Islam, an annual journal available in English and Arabic, is seeking contributions for the 2019 edition. The Journal is published by the SIHA Network (the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa).

Women in Islam aims to promote alternative and progressive discourses on Islamic traditions and texts. Focusing on the issues of justice and women’s equality, the journal reflects on the lived realities and current challenges faced by Muslim societies while analysing their interactions with other communities across the globe. With contributions from thinkers, activists, journalists, and artists, the journal strives to appeal to a broad audience of readers by presenting complex ideas in an accessible format.

Original contributions may include scholarly articles, essays, opinion pieces, profiles of influential figures, interviews, poetry, personal narratives, book or film reviews, cartoons, and art. Please note that we do not publish fiction or short stories.

Potential contributors should bear in mind that all submissions must be connected to the overarching theme of women and Islam and that suggested topics must, therefore, be analysed using a gender lens. The recommended length for articles is 1500 – 2000 words and may be submitted in English or Arabic.  

For the 2019 edition Women in Islam is seeking submissions on the following topics:

  • Freedom of faith: contributions could include personal narratives exploring how men and women experience faith beyond the institutional context; experiences of people of different faiths living together; alternative expressions of spirituality in the Horn of Africa and beyond.
  • Muslim women in the performing arts – singers, musicians, actors, poets, comedians: contributions could discuss how music, theatre or comedy can challenge traditions and gender stereotypes; inspirational female performers.
  • Beyond the two genders: contributions could include articles on groups or individuals who challenge traditional gender norms in Muslim societies; changing ideas about masculinity and femininity; can there be a third gender?
  • Finding a voice online: contributions could reflect on ways Muslim women are using the internet to express themselves; how online networks are connecting Muslims in Africa and in the diaspora; using online platforms to challenge prejudice; the challenges and opportunities of social media for men and women living in Muslim societies; how the Internet is exploited by militant groups but still poorly utilized to counter-recruitment narratives.
  • Evolving traditions: contributions could include articles on rituals and traditional practices can find new forms, e.g. alternative coming of age rituals for girls; issues that affect Muslim women – polygamy, inheritance etc. – and changing social attitudes.
  • Private Lives: contributions could include discussions of motherhood, and how women can claim an identity outside that of mother or caregiver; the role of men and women in household work; female-headed households.

Please note that this list of topics is indicative and that SIHA is willing to consider any relevant suggestions.

To submit an article or for more information, please contact our Editorial Coordinator, Kate Kingsford, at: katesihanet@gmail.com.

About the publisher:

SIHA, The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (https://sihanet.org), is a network of civil society organisations from Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Somaliland, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Uganda and Kenya. Founded in 1995, SIHA advocates for social change and gender equality in the Horn of Africa and works specifically on protecting women’s rights, promoting women’s access to justice, supporting economic empowerment and building inclusive women’s movements.  

Additional information about the journal and articles from previous editions can be found at https://womeninislamjournal.com.