Hundreds of women and girls from the greater Horn of Africa mainly from Ethiopia and parts of Somalia and Kenya migrate as domestic laborers to the Arab Gulf countries and the Middle East, through legitimized and hidden means. Women migration is stirred up by lack of opportunities within the region, the promise of better wages and […]

Gender Alert: Uganda, Tanzania shine at the Gender Justice Uncovered Awards

A Ugandan High Court decision won the People’s Choice Gavel at the 2017 Gender Justice Uncovered Awards hosted by Women’s Link Worldwide.  In 2012, a woman gave birth to two babies at Mulago Hospital, Uganda’s only referral hospital and was informed that one of the babies had died at birth. When asked to see the body, the hospital[…..]

SIHA Gender Alert: Street Vendors in Sudan: Surrounding the National Dialogue – No Right to Work.

Surrounding the National Dialogue, street vendors have been denied their right to work in several key locations around Khartoum, including parts of Nile Street and Airport Street. Close to 1,000 women tea sellers, many of whom are their families’ primary breadwinners, are facing weeks without work. These women are working hard to connect, organise and[…..]

Gender Alert: Committee to review Sudan’s Muslim Personal Law Act 1991

SIHA highly welcomes the formation of a special committee initiated by the Sudanese Ministry of Justice and supervised by judge Hassan Hussen Sharfie, to review and amend the Muslim Personal Law Act of Sudan 1991. The Committee will include  members from different institutions such as the Islamic Fiqh Academy, Khartoum University, Omdurman Al-Islamia University, and Al-Quran[…..]