FEATURED ARTICLE: Sudan Stands Alone

First Published on African Arguments under the title On shared struggles: From Sudan to the gilets jaunes to #MeToo at https://africanarguments.org/2019/01/29/shared-struggles-sudan-gillettes-jaunes-metoo/ Authored By: Suraiya Zubair Banu Photo Credit: africanarguments.org Sudan stands alone as it protests thirty years of oppression. And yet so much of its struggle resonates across Africa and the world. Sudan struggles alone. The government’s reaction to […]

16 days of Activism 2018: Taking it Further – #HearMeToo

#HearMeToo This year, SIHA Network leveraged on the 16 days of activism as an opportune period to bring the #MeToo conversation to the light – attempting to understand how the gender power imbalance creates opportunities for men to prey on women and girls; promotes a society that ridicules the victims; allows the perpetrators to go[…..]

Breaking the Silence: Sexual harassment in the workplace – Sudan

#HearMeToo This year, for the annual #16DaysofActivism Against Gender-Based Violence, SIHA will launch a documentary focusing on workplace harassment in Sudan. Gender based violence is an ongoing issue in Sudan that is among SIHA’s strategic areas. SIHAs work has focused particularly on sexual and gender based violence in post conflict settings and in the criminal[…..]

#16DAYSOFACTIVISM – Awadeya Mahmood Coco

Introduce yourself (Name, organization, and how long you have been involved in activism) Awadeya Mahmoud Coco. Cooperative Union for Women in Khartoum State. I registered a small association for food and tea sellers in 1991. In 2007,  I became the General Secretary of the association. I have also been president of the Women’s Cooperative Union[…..]