Sudanese Woman Activist Faces Trial; Is it about a Scarf or the Assumed Ideology that Forces Sudanese Women to Disappear

Public S​tatement On August 27th 2013 while at the Jabal Awalia locality West of Greater Khartoum undertaking some work on land registration, Amira Osman was approached by a police officer who demanded that she covers her hair. When she ignored him, he persisted to which Amira openly refused. As a result, she was physically assaulted, […]

Female Minor Sentenced to Death by Stoning

May 13th 2012, Sudanese judge, Sami Ibrahim Shabo sentenced to death by stoning a young woman accused of adultery. The judgment was made after the first hearing and comes after an ÔÇ£admission of guiltÔÇØ entered following torture and brutal beatings by her brother who instigated the case. Her co-accused however remains un-convicted and able to[…..]