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Press Statement: No hierarchy in women’s human rights

People with disabilities, women, and minority groups are particularly marginalized in Somaliland due to attitudinal and environmental barriers, institutional challenges, and a lack of effective inclusion strategies and efforts. Individuals who face marginalization on multiple axes, such as, women with disabilities, women from minority groups, or women with disabilities

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Anti-Stoning Campaign Update: After months of campaigning the sentence has been overturned, but there is still more work to do

On the 24th of November, the Court of Appeal overturned the verdict of the Court of First Instance which had convicted Amal* to death by stoning for adultery. The case has been sent back to the primary court under the Court of Appeal’s ruling that, given the flawed proceedings and distorted implementation of the law, the whole trial will be repeated.

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SIHA Annual Report 2020 and 2021

It is our pleasure as the SIHA management team to share with you our report for 2020 and 2021 of our journey of successes and challenges and learning throughout the two years.

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