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Letter: Joint civil society advocacy letter to the Ambassador of the UAE

Her Excellency Lana Nusseibeh
Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the
United Arab Emirates to the United Nations
315 E 46th Street
New York, NY 10017

We, the undersigned feminist, and women’s rights civil society organizations, write to you regarding the devastating situation facing the people of Sudan, particularly regarding the violent armed conflict occurring in Al Geneina, West Darfur.

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Press Statement: Decades of impunity are contributing to the escalation of sexual violence and violence against women in Sudan’s conflict

SIHA strongly condemns the increasing rates of sexual gender-based violence (SGBV) in different states in Sudan. The limited information about SGBV cases shows a clear pattern of committing war crimes against civilians and waging the war against the whole nation by weaponizing SGBV against women and girls. The documented and verified cases of SGBV have now exceeded 70 cases..

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Living in the Borderlands: Impact of the Armed Conflict on Women and Girls in Las’Anod

On June 26, 1960, Somaliland formally declared its independence from the United Kingdom. Shortly thereafter, on July 1, 1960, the State of Somaliland and Italian Somalia united to become the Somali Republic. However, Somaliland regained its independence in 1991 after years of struggle, spearheaded by the Somali National Movement (SNM), a guerrilla movement predominately comprised of people from the Isaaq clan that fought against the Somali regime led by President Mohamed Siad Barre…

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Newspaper article – Engendering the Digital Economy: Reflections from Women Market Vendors in Uganda

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day as appropriately chosen by the United Nations, was “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality.”
It takes into account why technological innovations are increasingly being recognized as a precondition by civil society organisations, governments, the academia and private sector to accelerate the attainment of all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),..

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