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SIHA Statement to the 77th Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (in English & French) – Read to the Commission on 22 October 2023

Honourable chairperson, honourable commissioners, excellencies, state delegates, distinguished representatives from human rights organizations, institutions, civil society, and all those concerned with the state of women’s rights in Africa, thank you for this opportunity to participate in this auspicious occasion by presenting the following statement.

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Civil Society Advocacy Letter on Situation in Sudan to the Honourable Ministers of Côte d’Ivoire, The Gambia, Malawi, & South Africa

SIHA Network applauds the Human Rights Council vote to pass the motion to establish a fact-finding mission on Sudan. This is an important step toward ensuring that perpetrators of human rights abuses and war crimes will be held accountable. We are grateful to the solidarity of African women across the continent who stood strongly by the women of Sudan…

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Khartoum: Women are not collateral damage! Perpetrators must be held accountable for rampant sexual violence in Sudan’s capital

This past week, one emergency room received over 10 cases of sexual violence in a single day. Yet, many are too scared to report or too young to comprehend what has been done to them. Sexual assault by the armed militia has been ingrained into the fabric of their daily lives. “I am 4 months pregnant,” says a 21-year-old in Al Kalalakla, “I cannot even count how many times I have been raped…

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Kidnapping and Slavery: The RSF is committing more dangerous rights violations in this malign war against civilians in Sudan

Last month, SIHA detected alarming information that members of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) have been kidnapping female civilians and holding them hostage in Darfur to be ransomed back to their families or possibly be later sold in markets. An eyewitness in Al-Fashir, North Darfur, confirmed that three women and/or girls (who may be underaged; their ages were not identified) were brought by the RSF to the Dar Al Salam locality.

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Press Statement: Ethiopian women speak out on conflict and peace in the country

We are a diverse group of women from various parts of Ethiopia who promote women’s rights advancements and sustainable peace and security in our country.

Since women play a significant role in nation building and peace-making processes, we would like to articulate our concerns, present our demands and make recommendations in light of the current worrying situation in the country.

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Women Peace Builders in Somalia: Inspiring Stories of Courage and Resilience

Somalia has long been plagued by conflict, instability, and suffering. Years of civil war, extremist violence, and political unrest have taken a toll on the nation, resulting in displacement, poverty, and unimaginable hardships. In the midst of these crises, women and girls bear the brunt of the burden, facing increased violence, discrimination, and exploitation. …

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Joint Civil Society Statement: SGBV increasing while lawmakers let the SOB and SOA gather dust on the shelves

In Somalia, the Sexual Offenses Bill (SOB), a law aimed to reduce rape and gender-based violence, was passed by the Council of Ministers and sent to the Federal Parliament in 2018, but after two years, it was repealed. The House debated a new bill in 2020 that attempted to replace the original Sexual Offenses Bill. The newly drafted Bill (Sexual Intercourse and Related Crimes Bill) allows for child and forced marriage, among other violations of women’s rights.

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