SIHA LAUNCHES A POSITION PAPER – “A Reflection of the Gender Equality Agenda in Somaliland”

SIHA recently launched a position paper dubbed – “A Reflection of the Gender Equality agenda in Somaliland” which provides a current analysis of the women’s movement in Somaliland, and the situation around gender relations in the country.

The paper presents an analytical snapshot of the dynamics of post-war women’s rights activism, including the challenges facing the women’s movement in Somaliland. It provides examples of the ways gender inequality manifests in the country, and how it continues to hinder the ability of women to push for equality and to influence laws, policies, and the political agenda.

The research conducted culminating into the position paper come at a time when the semi-independent Somaliland has experienced a series of rollbacks on gender equality, peace and security. The paper examines the evolution of the women’s movement that keeps making remarkable progress especially at the grassroots where activists are tirelessly pushing for change in their society. Despite the factionalism and polarization within the movement, Somaliland women rights activists are countering the NGO-ization of the women right’s activism.

Read the full position paper >>>  HERE.