A SHADOW ECONOMY: Women street vendors in Hargeisa and their role in contributing to the Somaliland’s economic development

Hargeisa, the capital city of Somaliland has been growing for the last two (2) decades. During the reconstruction and re-building of the state, Somaliland continued to remain peaceful. Prior to the fall of Somalia’s dictatorship government in 1991 and the break-out of the civil war, women’s roles were traditionally tied down to caregivers at home. […]

Engaging Patriarchy: Men as Allies against Violence against Women

This newly released SIHA publication was developed primarily as a guide for social activists involved in challenging gender inequality in the Horn of Africa. This 36-paged guide, promotes connecting with men as an essential approach towards addressing violence against women and emphasizes the importance of their involvement. It delves into the challenges of negotiating patriarchy[…..]

Launch “Women in Islam” Blog

The Women in Islam Journal looks at the crisis in the Muslim Horn of Africa in relation to diversity, culture and tolerance, looking through the lens of devastation, at the resilience and struggle of women against oppression by militant Islam. It tells inspiring stories of men from the region, highlighting how winning them as allies[…..]