Gender Alert: Women’s Rights Organizations Condemn Escalating Femicides in Somalia and Somaliland

We, the undersigned coalition of women’s rights organizations, women’s rights activists, and women human rights defenders in the Somali region, express our deep sadness and grave concern over the alarming increase of femicides across the Somali territories. The recent incidents in Hargeisa and Mogadishu, where three men brutally murdered their wives, with two of them killed by knives and one burned alive, shocked our collective conscience.

LOGOS -somalia

Joint Civil Society Statement: SGBV increasing while lawmakers let the SOB and SOA gather dust on the shelves

In Somalia, the Sexual Offenses Bill (SOB), a law aimed to reduce rape and gender-based violence, was passed by the Council of Ministers and sent to the Federal Parliament in 2018, but after two years, it was repealed. The House debated a new bill in 2020 that attempted to replace the original Sexual Offenses Bill. The newly drafted Bill (Sexual Intercourse and Related Crimes Bill) allows for child and forced marriage, among other violations of women’s rights.