16 days of Activism 2018: Taking it Further – #HearMeToo

#HearMeToo This year, SIHA Network leveraged on the 16 days of activism as an opportune period to bring the #MeToo conversation to the light – attempting to understand how the gender power imbalance creates opportunities for men to prey on women and girls; promotes a society that ridicules the victims; allows the perpetrators to go[…..]

GENDER ALERT : Carping at sexual violence in Somalia

#HearMeToo  Somalia has endured a protracted conflict for over twenty years with numerous competing forces seeking control territory and in the process placing the lives of ordinary civilians at risk of violence, starvation, forced marriage, rape and subsequent death. The escalation of conflict has created a precarious security environment with an absence of functioning accountability […..]

#I6DAYSOFACTIVISM: Fadwo Hassan Jimale

1. Introduce yourself (Name, organization, and how long you have been involved in activism) My Name is Fadwo Hassan Jimale, I work for HINNA organization as Protection coordinator, Gender and GBV Activism and also I’m the Chair Lady of Women and Child Cluster (WCC). I have been working in activism for the past 7 years.[…..]