Hargeisa’s women street vendors dialogue with traditional and non-traditional actors in a bid to improve their working conditions

#MakeHerVisible As part of our regional campaign on addressing the marginalization  of urban women in the informal economy, and with support from the African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) , SIHA Network – Somaliland convened a stakeholder forum inviting SIHA’s member organizations, representatives from the women’s movement, feminists, gender activists, academia, women street vendor leaders, youth […]

16 days of Activism 2018: Taking it Further – #HearMeToo

#HearMeToo This year, SIHA Network leveraged on the 16 days of activism as an opportune period to bring the #MeToo conversation to the light – attempting to understand how the gender power imbalance creates opportunities for men to prey on women and girls; promotes a society that ridicules the victims; allows the perpetrators to go[…..]