Breaking the Silence: Sexual harassment in the workplace – Sudan

#HearMeToo This year, for the annual #16DaysofActivism Against Gender-Based Violence, SIHA will launch a documentary focusing on workplace harassment in Sudan. Gender based violence is an ongoing issue in Sudan that is among SIHA’s strategic areas. SIHAs work has focused particularly on sexual and gender based violence in post conflict settings and in the criminal […]

#16DAYSOFACTIVISM – Awadeya Mahmood Coco

Introduce yourself (Name, organization, and how long you have been involved in activism) Awadeya Mahmoud Coco. Cooperative Union for Women in Khartoum State. I registered a small association for food and tea sellers in 1991. In 2007,  I became the General Secretary of the association. I have also been president of the Women’s Cooperative Union[…..]

GENDER ALERT: In Pursuit of Full Guardianship under the Sudan Personal Status Law

Zahra is in an ongoing legal battle to provide a safe and stable home for her two children after her ex-husband upended their lives through actions for which he was never held accountable. Her efforts are bringing her up against the long-standing Islamic traditions of “guardianship”, which vests ultimate rights and responsibility for children in[…..]