A call for solidarity with Amira Osman and women living in Sudan under the terror of Sudan Public Order Regime

The members of the No to women Oppression Coalition (NOWC) strongly condemn the human rights violation committed against NOWC executive committee member Amira Osman by Sudan Public Order Police and Court system. Amira, an engineer by profession was detained and charged by the public order police while undertaking business at Jabal Awleya (west of Khartoum […]

Update on Amira Osman’s Trial

On 1st September 2013, Amira Osman appeared before the Jabal Awlia court after being charged for not covering her hair. She appeared dressed exactly the same way as she had when she had been arrested and temporarily detained on August 27th. The court session which lasted for 10minutes was attended by her family and more[…..]

Sudanese Woman Activist Faces Trial; Is it about a Scarf or the Assumed Ideology that Forces Sudanese Women to Disappear

Public S​tatement On August 27th 2013 while at the Jabal Awalia locality West of Greater Khartoum undertaking some work on land registration, Amira Osman was approached by a police officer who demanded that she covers her hair. When she ignored him, he persisted to which Amira openly refused. As a result, she was physically assaulted,[…..]