#16DAYSOFACTIVISM- Kinzi Hussein Qowden

1. Introduce yourself (Name, organization, and how long you have been involved in activism) Name: Kinzi Hussein Qowden Organization: Women Rehabilitation and Development Association Involved in activism:  Since 1992 Country: Somaliland 2. Describe the work that you have been doing as a women  rights activist/defender in your country; I advocate for ending all sorts of […]

GENDER ALERT: A historic passage of the Sexual Offences Bill in Somaliland

In an ululating victory for Somaliland, the sexual offences bill that was awaiting President Muse Bihi Abdi’s signature, was finally ratified – in a significant legislative move to deter rape and all gender-based violations against women in the state. This move must also be regarded as a notable advancement of the rights of women and[…..]

GENDER ALERT: Criminalizing rape in Somaliland – Good reasons to celebrate

Over the years, the spiraling prevalence of sexual and gender-based violence and the accompanying victimization of women and girls have warranted attention across the Horn of Africa region and the rest of the world. Following Somali-land’s notable passing of the first law against rape, early this year – in a drive to combat gender-based violence[…..]