An Open Letter of Public Concern from African and Sudanese Civil Society

RE: The Militarization of Public space in Rural and Urban areas in Sudan and the Corresponding Increase in Cases of Sexual Violence, Sexual harassment and Intimidation in the Aftermath of the Khartoum Massacre We, the undersigned are a coalition of Sudanese and African civil society organizations working in and concerned with Sudan, which is supported, […]

Statement by the Women’s Cooperatives Union of Food and Beverage Vendors in Khartoum

The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) is publishing this statement on behalf of the Women’s Cooperative Union of Food and Beverage Vendors in Sudan, a member of our network. STATEMENT BY THE WOMEN’S COOPERATIVES UNION OF FOOD AND BEVERAGE VENDORS IN KHARTOUM As representatives of women laborers and street vendors working[…..]