#16DAYSOFACTIVISM – Awadeya Mahmood Coco

Introduce yourself (Name, organization, and how long you have been involved in activism) Awadeya Mahmoud Coco. Cooperative Union for Women in Khartoum State. I registered a small association for food and tea sellers in 1991. In 2007,  I became the General Secretary of the association. I have also been president of the Women’s Cooperative Union […]

GENDER ALERT: In Pursuit of Full Guardianship under the Sudan Personal Status Law

Zahra is in an ongoing legal battle to provide a safe and stable home for her two children after her ex-husband upended their lives through actions for which he was never held accountable. Her efforts are bringing her up against the long-standing Islamic traditions of “guardianship”, which vests ultimate rights and responsibility for children in[…..]