Statement by the Women’s Cooperatives Union of Food and Beverage Vendors in Khartoum

The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) is publishing this statement on behalf of the Women’s Cooperative Union of Food and Beverage Vendors in Sudan, a member of our network. STATEMENT BY THE WOMEN’S COOPERATIVES UNION OF FOOD AND BEVERAGE VENDORS IN KHARTOUM As representatives of women laborers and street vendors working […]

PRESS STATEMENT: International Day of Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict

#RAPEISACRIME The Horn of Africa countries share the unfortunate characteristic of having fragile and often disintegrated state structures that suffer from a lack of democracy, absence of transparency, corruption, poor rule of law and systemic human rights violations. This, intertwined with recurrent conflicts, makes the region one of the most unstable in Africa, or indeed[…..]

Hargeisa’s women street vendors dialogue with traditional and non-traditional actors in a bid to improve their working conditions

#MakeHerVisible As part of our regional campaign on addressing the marginalization  of urban women in the informal economy, and with support from the African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) , SIHA Network – Somaliland convened a stakeholder forum inviting SIHA’s member organizations, representatives from the women’s movement, feminists, gender activists, academia, women street vendor leaders, youth[…..]

THE SUDAN WOMEN PROTEST: Sudan’s revolution and upcoming state must adhere to the women’s agenda

The religion of Islam is the religion of the majority in Sudan. We believe that the principles of Islam and other religions and believes practiced in Sudan are a source of justice and equality whilst preserving the dignity of all human beings – both women and men.  Furthermore, international conventions and constitutions are all based on equality between[…..]